Who we are:
D and M Engraving is a
family based businesss
started in 2007.  Our
goal is to supply a
unique and personal  
product. We take pride
in our work and strive to
create a product that
will look great for a very
long time.
Our Prices
D and M Engraving
About Us

1" to 4" Letters are $5.00 per Letter

4" to 6" Letters are $7.50 per Letter

6" to 8" Letters are $10.00 per Letter

Some Lettering will cost extra depending on detail.....

Graphics start at $15.00 and go up depending on  size
and detail of graphic
Some Available Fonts
Arial Black
Baskerville Old Face
Brush Script M7
Cooper Black
Engravers MT
Hemi Head 426
Old English Text
Script MT Bold
Team MT
I also have small yard rocks made up
for sale
More photos of completed rocks
Huff's Rock with
Horse scene
Sutton Rock
Hurd with
Light house
Trexler with
Compass Rose
Baird Rock
Hickory Hound
Pate Rock
Memory Bench
Morris with Deer
Oglesby with Deer
Roe Rock with Horse
Rock with Grapes
The Stone's
Wedding Present
Dog Memory Rock
Dog Memory Rock
Riggs with Deer
and Duck
D & M
Doss Rock
Littrell with Card birds
Close up of
Hound Dog
Farm Rock with
Hound Dog
Rockin M Ranch'
Memory Rock
Wysock Rock with
Lab head
Cave Ferry
Cave-in- Rock
Parkinson rock with
Lee Wedding
Pind rock with duck
Moore rock with duck